The application

The demo application provides an API that returns a "fake user":

  • The first version (current) of the API returns a hardcoded name.

  • The second version (beta) includes a name and some other fields retrieved from an external API, plus a profile image (of a cat) from another external API.

  • Finally, a new feature is developed on top of the second version, using a third external API. This feature is hidden under a feature toggle named enableNewUserApi.

More flows and details can be seen in the diagrams below.

The main software components are:

  • Microservice: The FakeUserBasic service, if you want to do the workshop part and have some boilerplate code ready

  • Microservice: The FakeUser service

  • Microservice: The FeatureToggles service

Based on the user toggles, the service calls out to the following external APIs:

The feature toggles are fetched, as has been stated previously, from Mockachino, where you will have to create an endpoint with the toggles payload.

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