🧰Baseline tooling and plugins

The collective impact of several (on their own) small tools can make the difference between misery and joy very tangible.

This project uses two very commonβ€”but hugely effectiveβ€”tools, namely ESLint and Prettier. These two ensure that you have a baseline, pluggable way of ensuring similar standards (and automation of them) across a team. I'd not write many lines without those tools around.

Really, one of the very first things you want to make sure of is that the code looks and reads the same, regardless of who wrote it. Using these tools, now you can.

Don't forget to enable "fix on save"! Also, consider the VS Code plugins for ESLint and Prettier if you are using VS Code.

When it comes to more IDE-centric plugins in the security department, I highly recommend the Snyk Vulnerability Scanner (the successor to vulncost) for Visual Studio Code. Other nice ones include:

🎯 Example: You'll see that this project has configuration files such as .eslintrc and .prettierrc laying around.

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